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Make better, faster decisions about trade-in values, and auction vehicles with AutoCheck®

AutoCheck, powered by Experian, provides you quick, easy-to-read and easy-to-use vehicle history reports, highlighted by the AutoCheck Score. This Score, based on a 100-point scale, shows you how similar cars rate, letting you price your inventory for better profits and increase customer confidence.

AutoCheck reports feature accident and auction data not available on competitive vehicle history reports. AutoCheck provides more information, deeper information and faster access. Problems that occurred at any point in a vehicle's life, perhaps when still owned by the dealership, are included in AutoCheck reports, helping dealers avoid problem vehicles and "surprise" repair bills, as well as make better valuation decisions, both at trade-in and auction.

AutoCheck Users

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AutoCheck Advantages Revealed

Find the AutoCheck Score conveniently located at the top of each report, to make faster, more profitable decisions
about your inventory. Compare your vehicle to similar ones with the AutoCheck Score:
  • Get accident severity ratings with Exclusive Accident Events
    • AutoCheck rates the severity of an accident based on five levels: minor, minor-to-moderate, moderate, severe, very severe
  • Get the ability to disclose accident information to consumers - to manage risk more effectively, increase consumer confidence, and more accurately estimate vehicle value at trade-in
  • Give your customers peace of mind with Buyback Protection:
    • Makes sure vehicles are free of certain title brands, like junk or salvage; dismantled, rebuilt, or reconstructed; floor and fire damage; and so on
    • Refund your customer's purchase if title brands are found after the terms and conditions are met
  • Spend less time requesting and managing vehicle history reports with Batch Reports
  • Offers an exclusive "problem vehicle notification" that alerts you daily to any vehicles with title defects, so you can respond before it's too late
  • Take advantage of per-transaction pricing with Volume Discounts

All of this information is accessible at various points in the sales cycle directly from your ADP system as well as online via your dealership websites or 3rd party properties such as eBay® Motors, AXXTM and Dealer Specialties. AutoCheck is also available to non-ADP dealers. With AutoCheck, it's quick, easy and convenient to sell more used cars. And, because you're quickly alerted to potential problems, you can avoid the carrying costs and eroding margins associated with problem vehicles.

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